About Jordy

My name is Jordy van den Eijnden. I am 23 years old and studying International Business at Howard University, Washington D.C. at the moment.

Through the years I have traveled to multiple countries, which gave me the feeling to do more with this.

Back in 2012 I decided to head to Horsens, Denmark for 8 months in order to finalize my first education in the form of a final placement. Because of the great experience over there, I decided to study International Business and Management Studies in Rotterdam, back home. In my 3rd year it was time for another great adventure: 6 months to Ireland, another placement. All these international experiences are driving my to develop myself more as a person. At the moment I am finishing my Minor in Howard University.

Some of my personal hobbies are Soccer, Pro-cycling, Snowboarding and running. My personal interest are in the soccer club Feyenoord, socializing with any person to broaden my network and traveling.

The reason to write this blog, is to inspire people like you to step out of your comfort zone, and take that jump in the deep!


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