Howard University and its housing…

Dear all,

Let me first put things straight, Howard University has given me a great experience, and I truly like it over here. The program is great, the teachers are very skilled, the students are very social and nice, and overall, the experience is just tremendous!


When it comes to the housing part, I do have to share some things here, to show you my dissatisfaction. Just so people know, the prices of a dorm in Washington DC are not cheap at all, and this does not make a difference for living on campus. Lets say that you will not find a place under $900 a month here in DC, so you can already assume that prices are not really comparable to lets say The Netherlands. ( I preferably do not want to share the price of my room, but it is way to much for the quality provided).

So lets start with summing up the issues faced here since the last 3 months:

– We did not have warm water for the first 7(!!!) weeks in the shower.
– Our toilet has been clogged 13(!!) times now since we are here.

 – The WiFi is not/barely working, which forces us to do our homework in the I-lab or at the library.
– During the beginning of October, we did not have water at all for 3 days (no shower, toilet, kitchen water, anything).

 –  The ventilator above the stove is not working properly, which causes to ring the fire alarm very often during cooking.

 – My walk-in closet doors were broken when entering, after 5 messages/complaints/work orders, this still has not been fixed (I’m not reliable for this).
– The toilet has been spilled over for 4 times already, and 1 time it took maintenance 3 days to come over ( it was not an emergency that our bathroom floor was all full of water…)

– My room was facing a massive leak last week. They were not able to fix it immediately, and I had to stay another night in this room. Mold was created on the floor, and the leak expanded to the corridor and further into my room.
– Finally after complaining many times I was not going to sleep another night in that room due to Health issues (mold everywhere), they suddenly found a new apartment in the same building. I guess if you start talking about taking these issues to DC Health and Services and DC Government, things can be arranged..?

– After unpacking all my stuff into my new room, and relaxing a bit, there was someone bonking on my door. After opening, there was this terribly drunk guy just literally falling into my corridor, I pushed him out, locked my door again and stayed inside. 3 minutes later, people started to bonk more and yelled: It’s the RA’s (Residential Assistants)!! Someone just peed to your door and run away. Well, isn’t that brilliant, now I just thought my problems were over? Luckily the campus police caught the guy outside, handcuffed him and took care of it. The main question is, how did this guy got in, while there is security, and doors can only be opened with your ID card? Probably the security was to busy with their Iphones, Ipads and tablets again. Well, lets wait with drawing conclusions until this will be further investigated.

Again, Howard is great University, and I would recommend it to anyone in the world, but these issues needs to be taken care of more. This is about the students health, but eventually their lives. This guy just peed on my door, but it could have been easily someone with worse intentions.

Please find below all the pictures related to this matter.


The bathroom wall opened


The dirt they forgot to clean after opening the wall….


Close up of all the dirt…


Soaking wet floor…


Some sheets to ‘cover’ the leak. After just a few hours, all these white spots (the mold) were created. 


The person who sneaked into the West Towers, tried to get into my room, and peed all over my door. Luckily got caught. Bastard….



About JordyGoesUsa

My name is Jordy van den Eijnden, 23 years young and currently studying International Business at Howard University, Washington D.C.
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