Another Dutch visit: Our Dutch Exchange Coordinator!

Dear all, welcome back!

This week we received another Dutch visit! After my parents have visited me, and last week Elisa’s father and his girlfriend came over, it was now time for our Dutch Exchange Coordinator, T.(ieneke) .E. van der Gaast.

Miss van der Gaast is visiting all the American exchange students and their universities to see how everything is working out, how the students are doing, how the partnerships are getting along and what aspects can/need to be improved in the future from both sides.

Tuesday November 10th, Miss van der Gaast arrived at Howard University. After my class ended ( I was allowed to leave a little early), Mike, Elisa and I got invited for lunch with Miss Williams ( our exchange coordinator here), Miss van der Gaast, Mr. Paschall (the dean of International Business) and Mr. Harvey ( dean of School of Business). After having a great lunch with some veggies, potatoes and pork chop ( Elisa thought it was chicken…….), Mike, Elisa and I had to leave to class again. At 3pm we attended a presentation of Miss van der Gaast, and answered some questions to students who were interested in an exchange or summer-credit-camp to Rotterdam.

After the presentation I showed Miss van der Gaast around at the campus, the gym facility with swimming pool, basketball arena, the American football pitch ( we entered the pitch while they were training haha), and all the other facilities. After a small tour over the campus, with the Founders Library, we walked back to the dorms. I showed her the rooms where we are staying. Afterwards Mrs. van der Gaast went to her hotel to freshen up a bit, and we decided to meet at 6:30pm at Matchbox on 14th street. After a long dinner, it was time to say goodbye and go home, as Miss van der Gaast is about to head down to Florida and Miami the upcoming days.

We had a wonderful day with her, and really appreciate our university back home that these trips are being arranged. This certainly helps the the relationship between the partnering universities, and I am sure all the students appreciate those kind of visits as well, at least we did!

My next blog post will follow soon, and I will dedicate it to ‘my’ city, Rotterdam. Via this way I hope to inspire people to go there for exchange, or just even for a visit/city trip, as there is so much more in the Netherlands then just Amsterdam (my fellow Dutchmen most likely know this is not really my favorite part of the country šŸ™‚ ).

Talk soon!

Founders Library Howard

Founders Library Howard

Basketball Stadium

Basketball Stadium

Dinner Time

Dinner Time


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My name is Jordy van den Eijnden, 23 years young and currently studying International Business at Howard University, Washington D.C.
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