Previous experience: Denmark!

Hi everyone welcome back!

This post will be dedicated to another experience of mine: Denmark.
As some of you might know already, I did an internship in 2012 in Denmark as well for 8 months ( 6 months internship and 2 months holiday-work).

In this post I would like to tell you something about Denmark, my experiences and things to do!

The Internship:

The 31st of January, 2012 I travelled together with my mom, dad and all my stuff to Ireland. It was the first time to go abroad alone for a longer time, and start working abroad as well. I was in my last year of the Scheepvaart and Transport College (shipping and transport college). My trip was going to Horsens, Denmark. Horsens is the 7th largest city in Denmark, with a little more than 55,000 inhabitants. Horsens is just 45 minutes by train from Aarhus, which is the 2nd largest city, and a large port for  European feeder vessels.

My first working day was a huge impression. DSV Horsens had over 900 people in the office. The office had 3 floors and a large basement, with an indoor gym. We spend our breaks here, quick lunch in order to play some ping-pong, basketball or football. Such a great office.

My tasks at DSV Air & Sea in Horsens were arranging the transport of the consolidation goods from Asia into Denmark, via Bremen, Germany. It was all about planning, calculating the way how to load in order to get the containers as full as possible without exceeding the weight limits. I have learned a lot about logistics here, as I was doing planning, marketing, sales, a small side project, customs declarations and many more.

Social life:

The social life actually started at day one immediately. My co-worker invited me to come and play football with him that night at his local club: Stensballe IK. That night I joined him. There was a group of 50 boys from the age of 17-45, mostly youngster. This was a great opportunity for me to talk to some boys of my age and socialize a bit. After a while I started going out with them, and got invited to all kinds of parties.
Every Friday and Saturday we went out, most of the times to the bar called: Hekkenfeldt. All the boys of the football went there on Friday, and we left in the early mornings. Saturdays were always the same, sleep until 11am, and then went out for either a walk or a run. In the evenings we went out again, and Sundays we had to play football. Luckily the coach was not too scared to drink a beer himself either, so he knew the status of his players on Sundays.

One Sunday I will never forget, as most of the boys were still 17-18 and did not have a driver license, I got a car of one of my friends mom, and had to take the boys to the football, an away match. An hour and a half drive, and half way we got a flat tire. All the guys hungover, no clue how to change the tire, and in the middle of nowhere. After 30 minutes, a car stopped, and the sir helped us out. We had 10 minutes to change ( most of them already did in the car), and no time for warming up. We won the game with 0-1, and the trainer invited us back at the club for a beer. We had a great team together.


Copenhagen is the largest city of Denmark, and as well the capital, with slightly over 600.000 inhabitants. Copenhagen is located at the island: Sjaelland. Copenhagen is a wonderful city, with the longest non-vehicle shopping street of Europe, over 1,3 kilometer.
Copenhagen has a beautiful old city center with historic buildings. Within Copenhagen there are quite some sightseeing tips to do:

  • Radhuset
  • Tivoli
  • Nyhavn
  • The little mermaid
  • Carlsberg brewery
  • Christiania
  • Amalienborg Palace
  • The Round Tower

Especially Christiania is worth a visit. This is a small part within the city center of Copenhagen, where the local community has its own borders and own rules. Christiania is well-known of its small shops selling soft drugs. A big tip is, not to make any pictures, as this is not always appreciated by its locals.

Copenhagen Midtjylland AC Horsens


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My name is Jordy van den Eijnden, 23 years young and currently studying International Business at Howard University, Washington D.C.
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  1. mcmoore25 says:

    Wow, man you’ve been all over the place! I’m sure your world view has got to be something interesting.


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