Elisa’s Sweet 22nd Birthday!

Hi all,

Unfortunately my parents have left the USA again. We had a great weekend together, and I think we have seen all of Washington within a couple of days, they must be tired now of all this walking. At least they made it back home safe, and perfectly on time.

The next part of this blog will be dedicated to our princess, queen, model and last but not our dear friend Elisa. The 19th of October we had to the privilege to celebrate her 22nd birthday here in the USA. Although we started celebrating on Thursday evening already, this was the one and only big day. After a tiring day of class, we went out for dinner to Matchbox on 14th street. In the afternoon I already made a call to the restaurant in order to reserve a table, and warn them we would not be clothed as any other person over there, as Elisa wanted to have a theme. By explicitly repeating it was a birthday, and asking them if they were able to arrange something, I have to give all my credits to Matchbox for arranging a great birthday surprise. A dessert with a burning flashing candle, and a nice birthday cocktail/shot.

As I told you as well, the idea was that everyone was supposed to be dressed up. Unfortunately not everyone had bought there Halloween outfit yet, so it turned out to be that Mike was wearing his Netherlands shirt, some kind of a fancy Hooligan, Sami opened almost all of his buttons of his shirt, used all my wax in order to look like some kind of Italian mafia, Elisa had her Alice in Wonderland outfit, and me, well, some kind of Disco Hustler outfit…



After a great dinner, we decided to head down for one drink. Yep, ‘ one drink’  in European terms… We went to a bar called Marvin’s which has parties on Monday’s. Arriving into the club, people immediately got loud about our outfits, quite an amusing night. At the time of 1:30pm it was time to go home, and finish the birthday, as the next day was a normal school day again. Overall, we had great fun, and I think Elisa did enjoy as much as we did!



Marvins 2

The hustler and his Alice in Wonderland


The hustler and the slick French/Italian mafia.


About JordyGoesUsa

My name is Jordy van den Eijnden, 23 years young and currently studying International Business at Howard University, Washington D.C.
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