Washington and its museums

Hi everyone!

Due to a nice visit of my parents, I will be uploading 2 posts today.

The first post will be about a cultural and historical tour which we did with Sami, Elisa, Mike and me on Saturday the 10th of October.

We decided to go out on Saturday morning instead of laying in bed, stay at home or be unproductive. It was a good day to explore Washington a little more now! We left at 12:00 towards some of Washington’s well-known museums. The national museum of natural history, National museum of American history and the Air and Space museum.

It might sound strange to some people that these young kiddos spend their free Saturday, a weekend day, at museums. I can tell you, it was a great day! I really loved it. Especially the American history museum was very interesting, we did spend nearly 3 hours here as well. The World Wars, Vietnam, Korean and Iraq, the history of the presidents and the civil war. I have learned a lot, and in my opinion I do understand more and more about the American culture now as well.

I could definitely recommend anyone to visit Washington some day. Even when you are heading down to New York, Washington is 4 hours away by bus, which will cost you 20-30 dollars. The city is so beautiful, peaceful and relaxed in comparison to New York, and Washington will provide you with the real American feeling! Hotels will be slightly cheaper than New York as well, websites such as http://www.wanderu.com and http://www.airbnb.com can help you find cheap transport and overnight stays.

We ended our day in Georgetown, as this is such a nice, scenic and lovely area. In Georgetown you don not feel like being in the capital of the USA anymore, even though you are. Of course we finished our evening with dinner in Georgetown at a great thai/sushi restaurant: I-Thai. Definitely a great recommendation i can give you. Affordable, nice setting, great found and good service!

And of course to not forget about to real student life, we ended up going out again at night… Might be too obvious as I have not spend any Friday or Saturday in yet.





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My name is Jordy van den Eijnden, 23 years young and currently studying International Business at Howard University, Washington D.C.
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