Mommy and Daddy are over!!!

Yes yes yes! My mom and dad came over to Washington to visit me! Best parents ever, I was waiting for this too long!

Isn’t it the best feeling ever, too know your parents are coming all the way from the Netherlands, just to visit you and tell you they are very proud? I could not wish for any better parents honestly.

The planning:

My parents arrived on Thursday afternoon. So after school finished at 15:30, I rushed myself to their hotel to finally meet them again! After just sitting down for a minute we decided to go to the Capitol, White house and the Washington monument, just the major attractions on the first day! Unfortunately dad was suffering from an earlier food poisoning, which resulted in no dinner for him, even though he did attend me and my mom. Rough dad, suffering but going strong!

Friday was a day of big walking, although dad was still suffering quite a lot from his food poisoning. After quickly running into the pharmacy to get some medicines, we started walking along U-street, 14th street, P street, Dupont Circle and finally into Georgetown. We walked all the way to the back to first check out Georgetown University, which is a beautiful one in my opinion. After seeing around, we went into Georgetown itself, sightseeing, shopping a bit, obviously had to go to Baked and Wired for the best cupcakes of Washington in my opinion!
We walked all the way back to the White house again, and hang around downtown. After dinner it was time to call it the day. Myself went to Georgetown at night was well to meet one of my friends Brian, who actually forces me to speak Dutch all the time so he can improve his. Quite a long, rough and mental night.

Saturday, waking up on time with some difficulties, it was time to do some sightseeing as well, in regards to museums and memorials. We have been to the Washington monument, Jefferson memorial, World War II memorial, Lincoln memorial, Vietnam memorial and the Korean war memorial. At the Korean war memorial there were actually some old military people who served in the war there. They were being thanked for their service by literally everyone from any age, race, ethnicity or whatsoever, a vey special thing for me and my parents to see. After all the memorials, I decided to bring my parents to the ‘ W Hotel’ , or the Washington Hotel. Great view on the Rooftop over Washington, the White House, the Potomac river and all other monuments! Definitely worth a visit one day!

In the evening it was time to celebrate Elisa’s birthday, which will be today actually, the 19th of October, so my best wishes to you Elisa! Happy Birthday! There was some pre-drinking first, and afterwards we all went to club policy, I guess we were with 15 people or so. Guys in suits, girls in dresses, classy! After clubbing, our friend Kelechi threw an after party, but at 5 am I decided it was better to go home as I promised my parents to meet them on Sunday at 1130.

So yep, Sunday morning. Probably even more harsh then Saturday. Damn, what a party. Elisa and Mike joined me and my parents to Arlington Cemetery and the Pentagon. We have walked quite a lot again today. Arlington is very impressive. All these graves, the Pan Am flight which went into the Pentagon, the grave of John F. Kennedy, the Tomb of the Unknown soldier. Very impressive day. After visiting the Pentagon, we decided to go back, and head down to Stoney’s, a bar at P street. Great bar, good beers, perfect burgers and a nice setting! Yep, again, please go there, because I am not too sure you can find any place with better  burgers than Stoney’s.
After Stoney’s Mike and Elisa went home, and I showed my parents around the campus. The main buildings, the football stadium, the basketball stadium and all the other facilities. After these great days, it was time to say goodbye again.
It is funny that when you are not with your parents, but do stay in touch, you miss them, but not terribly. After saying good bye to them, knowing I won’t see them in 2 months again, I actually realized I already miss them now.

Mom, Dad, thank you so much for coming over and giving me the best weekend ever. You are the best! Love you!








About JordyGoesUsa

My name is Jordy van den Eijnden, 23 years young and currently studying International Business at Howard University, Washington D.C.
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