Howard University – Lectures, homework and systems

Hi friends!

So this post will be dedicated to school. Can you imagine, after all the previous posts, Jordy is finally getting more serious now? Well, I have been working hard on the studies before as well, but I have not highlighted it as much as the rest. Obviously.

Before going more in depth, I will first quickly explain the system here. If you score a grade as in 100, it is an A+, 90-99.9 is an A, 80-89.9 is a B, 70-79.9 is a C, 60-69.9 is a D and <60 is an F.

The courses I am currently taking at Howard University, School of Business (SOB) are:

– Decision Making Management
– Entrepreneurship
– International Business ( Major )
– International Human Resource Management
– Social and Internet Marketing (this blog/website)

School of Business

School of Business

International Business is my major over here, which is the main course you are following.

The first two weeks in school were pretty easy and okay. Not too much homework, teachers were pretty relaxed and the spare time besides school was still there.
After these two weeks I was able to recognize and conclude the significant differences between Dutch/European lectures and the American ones. Whereas in the Netherlands the teacher just tells and explains you all the theory during class, in the United States you will have to read given articles, read the full chapter, and watch videos before coming to class. Instead of the teacher start to explain further on, students are likely to have discussions with one another, and the teacher, in order to get more in depth thinking about the subject.

In the Netherlands the amount of work is very limited, besides a lot of group work and projects, there is not too much to do. Here the teachers expect students to be well prepared for class, as in every class 25% of your final grade is Presence and Participation. The other 75% is divided into Mid-Terms, a group project, cases and presentations and final exams. This differs per course though.

In addition to the different types of education, I would like to jump into the lecturers/teachers as well. Some funny facts: Teachers with an MBA or Masters are called professors, which gives them the ability to show up late up to 15 min. Teachers with an PhD actually have the right to show up late up to 20 min. Never heard about this in the Netherlands. Having said that, it is very nice to know that all teachers are very well educated with many experiences in business life as well. A good example is my teacher in Entrepreneurship. Finished multiple MBA’s and Masters both in Nigeria and the United States, and owns over 5 different kind of companies now (Medical lab, Medical treatment, Supermarket and Research and development centers). Well, if someone has to teach me something about starting an own Enterprise, I think this Professor definitely is adding value to it.

Another funny fact about studying over here is:
The first couple of days it was quite strange/awkward to walk around at school, as you are still a White person in an HBCU. Now, almost 2 months later I think everyone has seen me, I have made multiple new friends, and everyone says Hi to each other in the hall way. I can definitely conclude that students and teachers are much nice among each other then back home. Yeah, I actually do really like it here. Feels like a ‘new home’.

To make a small jump back to the grading systems, I will reveal my first grades. Just because I am kind of proud of them, and I will promise, I am not hiding one of them:

International Business: 95 (A)
Entrepreneurship:          83 (B)
Int. HRM                          90 (A)
Social & Internet Mkt.   80 (B)
Social & Internet Mkt    90 (A)
Decision Making Mgt    89 (B)

Again, I do not want to brag or something, but there is nothing bad with being proud of yourself when you work hard for it right?

So far so good. Upcoming week will be a very busy one with lots of exams, cases, write-ups and presentations. Good think about this week is that mommy and daddy are about to come. They are actually on their way to New York now, and will spend their days there till Thursday. Thursday noon time they will travel to Washington to visit me! Work hard in the beginning, in order to have a great weekend with my parents here!


About JordyGoesUsa

My name is Jordy van den Eijnden, 23 years young and currently studying International Business at Howard University, Washington D.C.
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One Response to Howard University – Lectures, homework and systems

  1. Great post! I’m glad you like Howard! It’s really interesting reading about my school from a study abroad student’s perspective. (:

    Do you prefer discussions over lectures or do you prefer the European system of lecturing?


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