‘Howard University Homecoming’: Party all over the place!

Here we are again, with a real ‘party-post’!

Last weekend we had the possibility to experience homecoming. Homecoming is a typical American University party. Alumni-students are returning to the University for just one thing: Party!!!

Homecoming started for me and Sami on Thursday night, the first of October. We promised ourselves the same day in the morning to take it easy, as we have been parting quite a lot last couple of weeks. Well, the same day, around 20:00, we had this feeling of going out, I mean, it’s Thursday and we don’t have classes on Friday’s. Okay, we go out for one beer and take it easy right? Right… 3:30 Am we made it home again after getting a slice of Pizza at our favorite pizza place (the owner, Angelina sees Me and Sami as her sons, and always tells us to have fun, but be careful. Yep, she does introduce us to girls as her son. Great woman). I mean, we had fun…:



Friday morning, great evening out again. Time for some rest and recovering, as their will be another party tonight! Of course during the day I have been quite productive as well. As mommy always told me in a Dutch saying: ‘In the evening a man, in the morning a man’. Basically means that when you go out and stay up late, you got to wake up early without complaining. Today it was time to work ahead a bit on my homework, do some laundry, clean the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom and cook some dinner.

After all these things it was time to get prepared again. Having some pre-drinks before, and let’s go again! This time it was time to head out with Elisa as well, and we ended up in a place called ‘The velvet lounge’. My music, deep house and house. Lovely! Around 1-ish, Elisa decided to go home, and be ready and fit for tomorrow (Saturday). Surprise, surprise, me and Sami just started and went on to Club Flash. Again, we stayed out partying till 3 Am (closing times of all bars in DC), and headed down to our Step-mom Angelina. She was very happy to see us again.

Homecoming (1)

Homecoming (4)

Homecoming (2)

Homecoming (3)

Saturday, the big day! The major day of Homecoming! #HU16 #homecoming #letsgoparty and you name all the hashtags. Waking up after a rough night again, getting a shower, get dressed and head out to the Tailgate. As previously explained, the tailgate is basically people coming with their cars and trucks to a big parking lot in order to set up BBQ’s and sneak out some beers etc. As this tailgate was organized by Howard University itself, the Howard Police (yes we have our own police) was their as well, which made people not to sell beers from their trucks. What happens, everyone just went to McDonalds, bought a coke, and filled it up with some booze. As soon as finished, they went back home and filled it up again. The police was not bothered at all, they knew exactly what was going on.

After spending quite some time at the tailgate, me and Sami decided to go home, get another shower, a couple of more appetizers for the night, and head out. Luckily Mike and some other friends came with us as well, which made it an even better night. The more the better. Let’s keep it short, and say it was a great night full of wonderful surprises. At least Sami enjoyed his homecoming night out with us for maybe 15 min, after he was gone to another bar, the group left as well to another bar or home around 1, which made me being alone in my and Sami’s favorite bar: The Brixton. Of course I enjoyed myself till 3 am again, talking with strangers and dancing around. When I came home, some girls invited me to the 5th floor, as there was party going on in the laundry room. Well, let me check that one out. Great fun, but I mean, I think 5 Am is good after 3 nights partying.

For the ones who want to know how Sunday was:

Sleeping, waking up to get water, get called by Sami to go to Stoney’s (burger bar) to watch soccer (Super Sunday). We arrived their, left after the burger, went home to watch soccer as they were only streaming American Football, same streamed PSG-Olympique Marseille ( he is from Marseille), and after 3 minutes and 23 seconds I fell asleep again. Lovely productive Sunday.

Next Sunday I will post more University related items, in order to keep mom and dad satisfied. This will be reflected in next post in regards to my so far scored grades though!


About JordyGoesUsa

My name is Jordy van den Eijnden, 23 years young and currently studying International Business at Howard University, Washington D.C.
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