Washington Nationals and Washington Nature!

Welcome back!

In addition to my previous blog-post, The United States and its sports., there is a new event to add and stripe of my bucket-list: Visiting an American Baseball match! The Washington Nationals.

Just before entering the stadium, I bought a Washinton Nationals Snap-back hat, which was only $20, whereas inside in the fan-shop, the same Snap-back was $45. I am not telling you that I believe the one I bought is completely legal, but hey, as everyone thinks about Dutch people: greedy bastards.. Well, I think its just a better deal.

The Entrance

The Entrance

After entering this massive stadium (41.418 seats), we decided to walk around a bit and seek for our seats. We had our seats in the 107 section, which was very close to the pitch, with a good sight on the game.

Washington Nature and Nationals

Some American Baseball food

Some American Baseball food

There we go, first Home-run! Let’s go Nationals! The atmosphere was great during the game, and we had an awesome time, even though the match lasted for over 3 hours.



Unfortunately the Washington Nationals started to perform much worse as in the beginning, which led to a defeat. Honestly said as well, the Miami Marlins did play the game a lot better as well.

As some of you might now, besides being a part-time party animal, and a full-time student of course, I love to spend time in the wide-open world, the nature. Fresh air, green views, trails and the feeling of peace.

I decided to go to the Washington Arboretum with a friend from Greece. Lovely weather, beautiful park and some sushi. We set down at a picnic table, chatted all the time and ate our sushi. After the lunch we decided to explore the park a bit. Inside the park you can find the National Capitol Columns, from the east side of the Capitol portico. These columns were removed from the Capitol in 1958, when they found out they did not support well enough. In order to keep the history, they were placed in the Arboretum Park.

In below picture you can see the columns in the far distance on your left.

Washinton Nationals and Nature (3)

Within the park there was a small Asian botanic garden as well. Beautiful trees, buildings, plants and herbs. Amazing!

Washinton Nationals and Nature (4)

In order to continue the nice day out, we decided to head  down back to Washington, to the water side, the Potomac river. What a beautiful part of Washington this is, a great view over the city when standing in front of Jefferson Memorial. A funny fact as well is that the Jefferson Memorial is build with purpose here, as Jefferson loved the view so much, he wanted to get it here so he would always have the clear view from his bedroom. In 1939 the Memorial was build, and all trees were cut in between to have a straight and clear view. The construction started in 1939 and only finished in 1943.

Washinton Nationals and Nature (8)

Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

After a long day it was time to go home and get some rest. An incredible good day, which gives me such a good mood! I love exploring new things!

Below you can find a picture of Washington made by me, from the Point Of View from the staircase of the Jefferson Memorial. Definitely one of my favorite pictures I have made here. Beautiful sky and color contrast, with a great view.

The Potomac river and the Washington monument

The Potomac river and the Washington monument

I almost caught up on the dates, so soon enough I will be posting all the day to day activities!


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My name is Jordy van den Eijnden, 23 years young and currently studying International Business at Howard University, Washington D.C.
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