The United States and its sports.

So here we are again. September 12th already, time flies when you are having fun.

Next chapter in this great adventure is up: American Football.

Saturday the 12th of December, Mike, Elisa and me have bought tickets for the college football game of Maryland University: The Terrapins.

After quite a long night of partying with Sami (French exchange student, you will hear a lot more about Sami’s and my nights out). We had to wake up at 08:30 in the morning, well, honestly I could have thought of a better time to wake up.
Heading down to the I-lab of school to print our tickets, get ourselves a proper breakfast, and request the Uber. I have to admit, this Uber-driver was awesome. Middle-aged, could see in my eyes that I had a long but great night and started to talk about himself. Lived in Dubai for 7 years, made some great cash, and headed back to the USA, became a Uber driver in Washington and Maryland to know all the streets, and was about to run a new company here again. Not sure if it was entirely true, but anyways, it seemed like an honest and nice guy.
After dropping us at the football stadium, The Byrd Stadium of Maryland Terrapins, we started walking around the stadium, in the pouring rain.

In order to wake up about, I got a pleasant surprise. Will not talk to much about it, the people who know me, will know with below picture why I felt much better again…

The United States and its sports 1

The United States and its sports 1

At least that’s a good start of the day right?

Obviously, for all my other followers, I have to admit this was just a small part of the parade. Too bad the website wouldn’t allow me to upload it, but I will definitely put it on the Facebook page:

Next event around the stadium was the ‘Tailgate’. A tailgate basically means, people come by car to the stadium, open up their trunks, trucks or whatsoever, set up a BBQ and start BBQing with some beers as well. No mom, dad, I wasn’t drinking beers at 10:30 AM this time, I promise. I had enough of the day before…

Moving on to the main entrance, we heard some louder music. Well, as crazy Elisa and I are, we started to dance on the streets, probably the only ones out of 26.000 people. Anyway, we just love to make fun. For your idea again, picture is below 🙂

The United States and its sports 2

The United States and its sports 2

Finally, entering the stadium. Massive, absolutely massive! So this Football stadium, which is just for the university, has a capacity of 56.000 people? Americans and their over-sizing…….

The United States and its sports

The United States and its sports

After the first 3 quarters, Maryland was still up front against Bowling Green Falcons, Ohio state. Then the bad weather struck down. The stadium had to be evacuated because of serious lighting and thunder coming up. As soon as we were outside, we started to talk to a guy who was very much interested in us as exchange students. We got invited to his private tailgate with some beers, small bottles of vodka and some cookies. We met his friends, and there was an immediate click. Great people! After an hour break, we were allowed back into the stadium, so we decided to join our new friends.

I do not think the break worked out very well for the Terrapins, as they got demolished in the last quarter, which resulted in a defeat: 27-48. One little positive point, your cheerleaders Terrapins (150+/-) were much better than those cheerleaders of the Bowling Green Falcons (10 to be exact).

The United States and its Sports 3

The United States and its Sports 3

After the match we got invited to come down to these new friends for a BBQ and some drinks, but unfortunately it was to far away, and to difficult to travel there. We did exchange phone numbers with Larry, who is actually the owner of D.C. Night tours. We will be coming back to this in a couple of posts :). Little hint. Operator of a bus tour –> Making friends –> Dutch and students –> Little to no money. We are getting their 😉

After the trip home with Uber again, with a significantly less happy driver, we dropped our selves at U Street again to eat at Sala Thai (which is Mike’s favorite place to bring in his dates, the old playboy). After having some food and going home, it was really time to head down home and go for a little nap, so tired.

Luckily I have this amazing French friend, Sami, who decided to wake me up after 50 minutes. Of course, it’s bloody Saturday evening, get your shower, get dressed and let’s go. Well, okay!

We went to our favorite bar: The Brixton. I can tell you, before the end of December, this bar will rename into: Jordy and Sami’s European Bar. We have established quite a name their, positively of course!

Next step in the weekends is the pizza place next door, owned by 2 Greeks. Lovely, but I mean really really lovely persons! After our slice of Pizza, it was time to go home. I mean, everything closes at 03:00 Am here, not a single minute later. Welcome to the capitol of the United States. Anyway, I guess 06:15 is quite a descent time for European standards to head home.


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My name is Jordy van den Eijnden, 23 years young and currently studying International Business at Howard University, Washington D.C.
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