The Big Apple!

Dear all, welcome back!

As you might have seen, today’s post is all about The Big Apple, NYC or better known as New York City.

Elisa and I decided to take this wonderful trip to New York City. Our bus left from China Town Washington at 02:30 and brought us into China Town New York at 08:00.

We arrived in New York City at 08:00. I did make a planning the days before already, so I was able to show Elisa as many spots as possible in 1 day, as our bus was leaving back to Washington at 22:30 again. So, what can you do in 14.5 hours? Well, quite a lot, I can tell you that.

Our route which we took was as followed:

Starting in Chinatown NYC, Brooklyn Bridge in, Freedom Tower, 9/11 memorial, Wall Street, Wall Street Bull, Tribeca, Soho, Greenwhich, Greenwhich Highline, Chelsea, Chelsea market, Broadway, Macy’s. Yep, Macy’s, our first break was here, as I was going with Elisa. Girls, shopping…
Lets continue: Flat Iron Building, Madison Square Garden, Empire State building,bacl to 24th Street to meet some of Elisa’s modelling friends. Guess what, this was not the worst reason for me to settle down for a milkshake with Elisa (model as well) and 2 other models. We had some proper American Hot-dogs at a place called Big Dandy’s, back to the Empire State Building, this time we went up! Views from all perspectives, Manhattan on the down town side, Central Park at the other side. New Jersey and the Hudson river at the west side and on the east side we had Brooklyn and the Bronx. We did spend at least an hour on top of the Empire State, this clear view of New York is just amazing, I would be able to spend days on top there. After going down, the journey continued as well: Grand Central station, Times Square, Central Park (Home Alone movie, seen the famous bridge with the ‘Pigeon Woman’), Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Times Square again. After this, we ran out of time, so we had to take a cab back to China Town again, in order to catch the bus.

In total, we have walked over 20 km / 12.5 miles this day, so as you might think, we were pretty exhausted. We came home at 03:30 in the morning. Honestly, I think I already fell asleep before even touching my bed… At least we did most of the things we wanted, and we absolutely did not regret our decision going there this early.

New York City, I freaking love you, I will be back one day again before leaving Washington. Might have to try out the NYC Night life as well, as every bar here closes at 03:00.
Oops, I started talking about going out and bars now… Well, mom, dad, family, friends and followers do not worry. You will get the stories in my next post about hitting some bars. I mean, Jordy would not be Jordy without going out every now and then…!

Please find the pictures below!

Pictures will be posted soon on the Facebook page as well:
In order to see the most recent pictures, please check out my Instagram: jorsonvde

NYC - Manhattan

NYC – Manhattan

NYC - The Highline

NYC – The Highline

NYC - Times Square

NYC – Times Square

NYC - Wall Street Bull

NYC – Wall Street Bull

NYC- Central Park

NYC- Central Park

NYC- Freedom Tower

NYC- Freedom Tower

NYC- Wall Street Coffee

NYC- Wall Street Coffee


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My name is Jordy van den Eijnden, 23 years young and currently studying International Business at Howard University, Washington D.C.
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