The Touristic Part

Welcome back to my new post.

As promised, there would be an update on previous post.

After a long night of sleep, fighting the jet lag and a good cold shower in the morning, it was time to start exploring Washington. Just for everyone´s idea, we are located at a street called 2251 Sherman Avenue NW. We started off early in the morning to head down to 14th street. Boosting our energy level a bit with some iced coffee. In the meantime the temperatures have risen to 37 degrees / 99 degrees. Seems to be that every step is an impossible one…

Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee

After a good cooling down it was time to head down to the White House. Even though the temperatures were extremely high, we forced ourselves to keep on walking, and especially, keep on drinking. Finally! We made it. There it is, the White House, the nice and little cottage of Mr. Barack Obama. As promised to Mike and Elisa, I would set up a lunch with Mr. Obama, unfortunately he cancelled last minute, had some other things to in regards to politics…
Anyway, we made it, time to be a real tourist. Asking people to make pictures of us, making pictures ourselves, a selfie here and their, and of course the needed pushing and pulling of people in order to make the best possible picture. Okay, time to get out of here, it is getting to busy and warm. Walking around the White House towards the Washington Monument, we saw this small souvenir cart selling T-shirts and key-hangers. Well, okay, we are here now anyway, we should buy at least a T-shirt and a key-hanger for our new keys here right? Exactly, we did.
After buying our souvenirs, we just hang out in the backyard of Mr Obama. Got ourselves the first American Hotdog and had a nice and comfy seat in the grass to gain some energy again.

White House and Washington Monument

White House and Washington Monument

After such a long trip, we definitely needed some food. This was the first time we came across the U-Street area. I will come back to U-street and it’s stories later in my blogs. Don’t worry mom, dad, only fun things happen here :).

We found a nice restaurant called Sala Thai ( as well, this restaurant has background story in our adventures here as well). We settled down, got some soda and a huge meal to treat ourselves. After dinner it was time to go home, the final couple of 100 yards. As soon as getting home it was the same for both Mike, Elisa and me: quick cold shower, a dive onto the bed and rest/sleep.

The White House

The White House

Many thanks again, and I will get you updated before Wednesday again!


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My name is Jordy van den Eijnden, 23 years young and currently studying International Business at Howard University, Washington D.C.
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