The big arrival

Welcome all to my first post here in Washington D.C., The United States of America.

After all these long months waiting in the Netherlands, this was finally the big day. 14-08-2015, or for my American followers: 08-14-2015. Elisa and I met each other in Schiphol Airport, the Netherlands at this wonderful time of 06:00AM.

Elisa her boyfriend and sister were there, as well as my mom and dad were there to wish us a last good luck and safe journey. After facing some problems with checking in my hand luggage (the bag was literally 2.5cm/1inch too big), we were finally ready to go. After quite a long and exhausting flight (couldn’t sleep), we finally arrived to Newark, USA. As you might have seen we left the Netherlands with approx. 12 degrees Celsius/53 Fahrenheit, so when we arrived in Newark, the temperature had risen to 34 degrees Celsius/94 Fahrenheit… At least it saved some space in our suitcases.

Departuring the Netherlands

Departuring the Netherlands

After a nice and short flight from Newark we finally arrived to Washington Dulles Airport. As soon as we got off the plane we found a nice and cheap airport shuttle which brought us to Sherman Avenue NW, Washington D.C. As soon as we started driving I felt like reading my newly bought travel guide from Washington. After checking my bag for 14 times I realized it would possibly still be on the plane. So there might be a lucky person with a beautiful travel guide about Washington now..

After an hour drive we finally arrived at Sherman Avenua NW. First thing we saw was: Howard Service Center. Yes! This is it! We finally made it! After talking to the security over there we unfortunately found out we had to cross the road again and head down to ‘The Towers’. There they are, the Towers West and East. After making some pictures in front of the building we decided to check-in. This ‘only’ took us 4 hours… Keys were handed to us, Elisa in room 410, me in 404, both on fourth floor. There it is, the big moment. Opening my door, and what do I see!: Correct, nothing except for a bed, desk and a chair. There was not even a light in the room! Luckily we both ordered online our bed-linen. At this point it was already 09:00 PM. Not so much later I heard the lock of my apartment during scratching, the door went open and…..: It was Mike, the other Dutch person from my Hometown University! After this long and tiring travel day we all decided to take our rest, set up the beds, and leave the unpacking till tomorrow.

Next post is coming soon, some great experiences at the University, a small visit to Mr. Barack Obama and many more!

Arrival at our Campus Dorm-room

Arrival at our Campus Dorm-room

Safely arrived at Dulles Airport!

Safely arrived at Dulles Airport!


About JordyGoesUsa

My name is Jordy van den Eijnden, 23 years young and currently studying International Business at Howard University, Washington D.C.
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