15 Reasons to visit Rotterdam, the Netherlands!

1. The Rotterdam Skyline.

Rotterdam definitely has the most beautiful skyline of the Netherlands.

Rotterdam Skyline

Rotterdam Skyline

2. The Markethall (‘Markthal’). 

The best products from around the world will be sold here. The outside is covered with offices and apartments.

Markthal Rotterdam

Markethall Rotterdam

3. The Cubic Houses.

Indeed, these are real-life houses in the shape of cubicles. On of these crazy shaped houses can already be yours for only Euro. 165.000!

Cubic Houses Rotterdam

Cubic Houses Rotterdam

4. The Erasmus Bridge

The connection between the city center and Rotterdam south. The bridge is 139 metres high!

Erasmus Bridge Rotterdam

Erasmus Bridge Rotterdam

5. The Rotterdam city hall. 

One of the few building which partially survived the World War II. The city hall is still in use. The highest point is 71 meters.

City Hall Rotterdam

City Hall Rotterdam

6. The Euromast

The Euromast is the highest building so far in Rotterdam, with the observation tower reaching 185 meters. The view over Rotterdam is incredible as the observation tower is spinning around at the top. With clear weather, cities as The Hague can easily be seen as well.

Euromast Rotterdam

Euromast Rotterdam

7. The Rotterdam

The Rotterdam is the largest building in the Netherlands with a total of 160.000 square meters. The highest point of this building is 149 meters. The N-How hotel is located at the 7th floor, with a great view over the river ‘De Maas’, and the Erasmus Bridge right in front of you.

The Rotterdam

The Rotterdam

8. Blijdorp / Rotterdam Zoo.

As shown below, the Rotterdam Zoo has a gorgeous sea tunnel with turtles, sharks and other fish swimming around and over you. Besides this, the Zoo provides all kinds of animals such as Lions, Elephants, Gorillas, a butterfly garden and many more.

Blijdorp Zoo

Blijdorp Zoo

9. Feyenoord – De Kuip

De kuip, the home stadium of Feyenoord Rotterdam, my team and pride.
De Kuip has a capacity of 51.000 people, which is sold out more or less every game.
Tickets can be sold as of Euro 17.50, and the tour can be done every Wednesday through Saturday. http://www.feyenoord.com/tickets/tour-tickets

Feyenoord, De Kuip Rotterdam

Feyenoord, De Kuip Rotterdam

10.St Laurens Church.

The St Laurens Church is one of the buildings which survived the WW II partially as well. The Church is 65 meters high, and the top can be reached by over 300 steps.

St. Laurens Church Rotterdam

St. Laurens Church Rotterdam

11. Rotterdam central Station

The new Rotterdam Central station was finished in February 2014. As you can see, it is another architectural building, which diversifies Rotterdam from the other Dutch cities.

Central Station Rotterdam

Central Station Rotterdam

12. Hotel New York

Hotel New York is one of the eye-catching building on the ‘Wilhelmina-pier’. The Hotel/Restaurant serves great high-teas, seafood and has a great terrace outside which can be best accessed by ‘Water-Taxi’, as many other place in Rotterdam (Water Taxi Rotterdam).

Hotel New York Rotterdam

Hotel New York Rotterdam

13. The Lijnbaan

The first ever car-free shopping street in Europe. The lijnbaan itself is only 510 meters long, but with many side streets and its end at the ‘Koopgoot’, the shopping facilities are more then great in Rotterdam. ‘Koopgoot’ is a typical Rotterdam sleng word, which literally means: Buying hole, as the street is made as an open tunnel to cross underneath the Coolsingel, the main street in Rotterdam.

Lijnbaan Rotterdam

Lijnbaan Rotterdam

Koopgoot Rotterdam

Koopgoot Rotterdam

15. Deliplein, Rotterdam

Personally, I think this is the best spot for food in Rotterdam. Deliplein definitely has the best places to eat, with restaurants as CEO de baas van het vlees, Delibird, De Matroos en het Meisje and many more.

From Deliplein, the Foenix Food factory is very easy accesible by foot ( 5 min walk). Foenix food factory is an old large storage house, which is converted into a small food factory with small local restaurants and producers of bread, beer, cider, sausages, cheeses and many more!

Deliplein -Rotterdam

Deliplein -Rotterdam

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Another Dutch visit: Our Dutch Exchange Coordinator!

Dear all, welcome back!

This week we received another Dutch visit! After my parents have visited me, and last week Elisa’s father and his girlfriend came over, it was now time for our Dutch Exchange Coordinator, T.(ieneke) .E. van der Gaast.

Miss van der Gaast is visiting all the American exchange students and their universities to see how everything is working out, how the students are doing, how the partnerships are getting along and what aspects can/need to be improved in the future from both sides.

Tuesday November 10th, Miss van der Gaast arrived at Howard University. After my class ended ( I was allowed to leave a little early), Mike, Elisa and I got invited for lunch with Miss Williams ( our exchange coordinator here), Miss van der Gaast, Mr. Paschall (the dean of International Business) and Mr. Harvey ( dean of School of Business). After having a great lunch with some veggies, potatoes and pork chop ( Elisa thought it was chicken…….), Mike, Elisa and I had to leave to class again. At 3pm we attended a presentation of Miss van der Gaast, and answered some questions to students who were interested in an exchange or summer-credit-camp to Rotterdam.

After the presentation I showed Miss van der Gaast around at the campus, the gym facility with swimming pool, basketball arena, the American football pitch ( we entered the pitch while they were training haha), and all the other facilities. After a small tour over the campus, with the Founders Library, we walked back to the dorms. I showed her the rooms where we are staying. Afterwards Mrs. van der Gaast went to her hotel to freshen up a bit, and we decided to meet at 6:30pm at Matchbox on 14th street. After a long dinner, it was time to say goodbye and go home, as Miss van der Gaast is about to head down to Florida and Miami the upcoming days.

We had a wonderful day with her, and really appreciate our university back home that these trips are being arranged. This certainly helps the the relationship between the partnering universities, and I am sure all the students appreciate those kind of visits as well, at least we did!

My next blog post will follow soon, and I will dedicate it to ‘my’ city, Rotterdam. Via this way I hope to inspire people to go there for exchange, or just even for a visit/city trip, as there is so much more in the Netherlands then just Amsterdam (my fellow Dutchmen most likely know this is not really my favorite part of the country 🙂 ).

Talk soon!

Founders Library Howard

Founders Library Howard

Basketball Stadium

Basketball Stadium

Dinner Time

Dinner Time

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Previous experience: Denmark!

Hi everyone welcome back!

This post will be dedicated to another experience of mine: Denmark.
As some of you might know already, I did an internship in 2012 in Denmark as well for 8 months ( 6 months internship and 2 months holiday-work).

In this post I would like to tell you something about Denmark, my experiences and things to do!

The Internship:

The 31st of January, 2012 I travelled together with my mom, dad and all my stuff to Ireland. It was the first time to go abroad alone for a longer time, and start working abroad as well. I was in my last year of the Scheepvaart and Transport College (shipping and transport college). My trip was going to Horsens, Denmark. Horsens is the 7th largest city in Denmark, with a little more than 55,000 inhabitants. Horsens is just 45 minutes by train from Aarhus, which is the 2nd largest city, and a large port for  European feeder vessels.

My first working day was a huge impression. DSV Horsens had over 900 people in the office. The office had 3 floors and a large basement, with an indoor gym. We spend our breaks here, quick lunch in order to play some ping-pong, basketball or football. Such a great office.

My tasks at DSV Air & Sea in Horsens were arranging the transport of the consolidation goods from Asia into Denmark, via Bremen, Germany. It was all about planning, calculating the way how to load in order to get the containers as full as possible without exceeding the weight limits. I have learned a lot about logistics here, as I was doing planning, marketing, sales, a small side project, customs declarations and many more.

Social life:

The social life actually started at day one immediately. My co-worker invited me to come and play football with him that night at his local club: Stensballe IK. That night I joined him. There was a group of 50 boys from the age of 17-45, mostly youngster. This was a great opportunity for me to talk to some boys of my age and socialize a bit. After a while I started going out with them, and got invited to all kinds of parties.
Every Friday and Saturday we went out, most of the times to the bar called: Hekkenfeldt. All the boys of the football went there on Friday, and we left in the early mornings. Saturdays were always the same, sleep until 11am, and then went out for either a walk or a run. In the evenings we went out again, and Sundays we had to play football. Luckily the coach was not too scared to drink a beer himself either, so he knew the status of his players on Sundays.

One Sunday I will never forget, as most of the boys were still 17-18 and did not have a driver license, I got a car of one of my friends mom, and had to take the boys to the football, an away match. An hour and a half drive, and half way we got a flat tire. All the guys hungover, no clue how to change the tire, and in the middle of nowhere. After 30 minutes, a car stopped, and the sir helped us out. We had 10 minutes to change ( most of them already did in the car), and no time for warming up. We won the game with 0-1, and the trainer invited us back at the club for a beer. We had a great team together.


Copenhagen is the largest city of Denmark, and as well the capital, with slightly over 600.000 inhabitants. Copenhagen is located at the island: Sjaelland. Copenhagen is a wonderful city, with the longest non-vehicle shopping street of Europe, over 1,3 kilometer.
Copenhagen has a beautiful old city center with historic buildings. Within Copenhagen there are quite some sightseeing tips to do:

  • Radhuset
  • Tivoli
  • Nyhavn
  • The little mermaid
  • Carlsberg brewery
  • Christiania
  • Amalienborg Palace
  • The Round Tower

Especially Christiania is worth a visit. This is a small part within the city center of Copenhagen, where the local community has its own borders and own rules. Christiania is well-known of its small shops selling soft drugs. A big tip is, not to make any pictures, as this is not always appreciated by its locals.

Copenhagen Midtjylland AC Horsens

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Previous experience: Ireland!

I would like to dedicate this post to my previous adventure and experience. My internship in Ireland for 6 months.

I left the Netherlands on th 29th of August in 2014. Together with my dad we drove up to Hoek van Holland in my car, take the boat to Hull overnight, drive up all the way to Holyhead in England and cross over to Dublin in Ireland. From Dublin it was only 40 more minutes to Naas, Co. Kildare.

My experience in Ireland was definitely one of the best in my life so far. The country, nature, people, atmosphere and maybe the beers/Guinness/Whiskey as well.


Naas became my new hometown. With almost 30.000 inhabitants and a college center for the English language, this was a great place. Many young students from all over the world, and loads, like loads, of pubs. The first 4 months I lived in a wooden cabin, some kind of gypsy house. It sounds funny, but it was a part of the Bed & Breakfast which DSV Road Ireland arranged for me. And honestly, it was perfect. A living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms a bathroom, a corridor and a nice front yard, couldn’t been better.

DSV Road Ireland:

DSV Road Ireland, in Naas was about to be my new internship company. With over 325 employees at site, it was the biggest facility in Ireland. This facility operated as the hub port for the rest of Ireland. All shipments from and to Ireland, where received here. My job was to work together with an employee, Jelena, and arrange all the transports from The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Greece towards Ireland.
The job was very interesting, and I have learned a lot here. The working hours were quite long some days, whereas some day you started at 9Am and was not finished before 10pm. Luckily this did not occur too much, and I did not mind as I was learning a lot!


During my time in Ireland, and the freedom of having a car, I have made quite some trips throughout Ireland. The country is just gorgeous! Places I have been to:

– Dublin                               –       Must go!     – Temple Bar, Guiness Storehouse, Penny bridge
– Ring of Kerry                   –       Must go!     – Beautiful 180km trip, best nature in IRL
– Galway                              –       Must go!     – Great city, seafood, clam chowder
– Cliffs of Moher                –       Must go!     – Most beautiful place in IRL!!
– Blessington                      –       Must go!     – Great walking trails and sight on mountains
– Tullamore                        –       Must go!      – Tullamore Whiskey tour!
– Kilkenny                           –       Must go!      – Great historical city!
– Kildare
– Cork                                   –       Must go!      – Different than other parts in IRL, great city!
– Glendalough                    –       Must go!      –  Beautiful lakes, mountains and trails!
– Drogheda

Northern Ireland:

– Belfast
– Giants Causeway               –      Must go!     – Best spot in NI! Made by mother nature!

In my opinion Belfast not a really great city. Its very grey, sober and quite boring on the street in comparison to Dublin. People in Northern Ireland are not really excited to get tourists over, whereas in Dublin they will find a reason to drink a pint with you.

Please find below some photos of my experience in Ireland at the time. I will definitely go back here one day. I miss you Ireland!

Cliffs of Moher - Family

Cliffs of Moher – Family

Gaelic Football

Gaelic Football

Halloween Ireland

Halloween Ireland

Lads in Graces

Lads in Graces

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Happy Halloween! Do it the European way!

Finally, Halloween!

My first real Halloween ever was only last year, in Ireland, as Halloween is not a big thing back in the Netherlands. Yesterday, the 31st of October it was finally there, USA Halloween!

As one of our friends was celebrating her birthday as well, we headed out for dinner to La Tasca, a Spanish tapas bar. (surprisingly funny thing is that I already went there with my mom and dad when they were over). We were with a big group of friends, and Elisa her dad and his girlfriend where there as well! Great group together. After quite some tapas, and a couple more glasses of Sangria, it was time to go home, and get ready. We headed out towards K-street, to the club called Mate, which is a sushi restaurant at day and night, and after dinner turns into a club.

The costumes were ridiculously funny, as we had a Gangster Alice in Wonderland, a Doctor, A French Farmerboy, A Feyenoord player (and it was not even me, as I gave my stuff to Elisa’s friend Max who was over for the weekend!), Cleopatra, P Diddy with his fur coat and 2 little devils. Well, Europeans now how to party on Halloween now, and the other way around, Americans have met us as well. Pleasure.

After quite a long night meeting many new people and friends, it was time to go home and rest. It was an intensive weekend again, but great great great fun! We have a very nice group of friends together, and come along very well.

We will just have to wait for the new experience in my life now, Thanksgiving. 26th of November. The pre-plans have been made already, and we have invited some American friends as well, as most of the students will be returning home for the weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving with their families. All the people of our floor, who are staying, will be invited by the Europeans. The idea is to start cooking 3-4 days before, so we can have a long night of eating, drinking and being together!

Disco Hustler

Disco Hustler

Gangster Alice in Wonderland, Disco Hustler, French Farmer Boy and Dr. Mike

Gangster Alice in Wonderland, Disco Hustler, French Farmer Boy and Dr. Mike

Ganster Alice in Wonderland, Disco Hustler, Dr. Mike and Russian Feyenoord player.

Ganster Alice in Wonderland, Disco Hustler, Dr. Mike and Russian Feyenoord player.

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The big match: Feyenoord – Ajax

Yep, even from the United States of America we are still following Feyenoord closely.

This week, 28th of October, it was time for the ‘Klassieker’ (the Classic one). Feyenoord playing our biggest rival, Ajax. This match has been the biggest match in Dutch Football (sorry my American friends, soccer is just not the correct word…). The tension is always very high, this match the players and supporters have to give the full 200%, all or nothing.


Above you can see the banner created by the Feyenoord fans, worlds largest banner ever with a 5.120 square meters! ‘De Kuip’, the Feyenoord stadium was fully sold out, and the fans brought more then enough torches to create even more atmosphere besides the singing and chanting.

Unfortunately due to the time difference, the match was going to be played 14:45 American time, whereas I had a test at 15:30. I was able to see the first half, which remained 0-0. Quickly ran upstairs in order to make the test. Luckily I did prepare well enough, and the test was very small, which resulted me to be the first one to finish the test, within 10 minutes, and run down to the library again to see the remaining 35 minutes. The match was very exciting, and Feyenoord became stronger and stronger. Time was running out, and we already passed the 90 minutes, so additional 4 minutes were added. 94 minutes, and free kick was awarded to Feyenoord in a promising position. There comes the cross, and…. Yesssssssssssss! 1-0 Feyenoord, just before the end. Just imagine, me in the library, and the goal being scored, well lets say I was not able to stay quit.

1-0 Feyenoord

Above you can see the goal being scored, Joel Veltman was the goal scores, which is a player of Ajax. Own goal or not, we are through to the next round and beat our rivals!

Dirk Kuyt

For all my American friends and followers, football and Feyenoord in particular is a big part of my life. I know that most of the American are still more interested in American Football, Baseball, Basketball and Ice Hockey, but soon this will change in my opinion. The MLS is getting more popular among former European football stars, which hopefully will result in more popularity among the Americans. A country with over 300 million inhabitants has a great potential in a relatively new sports like football for the Americans.

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The 3 unknown things to do in Washington!

  1. Ben’s Chili Bowl
Obama at Ben's Chili Bowl

Obama at Ben’s Chili Bowl

Why is this place so special? Ben’s Chili bowl is located on U-street, which is one of the greatest streets in Washington in regards to Bars, Clubs, Restaurants and many more. When president Barack Obama got elected, the major at that time Adrian Fenty (Howard University Alumni) brought Barack Obama to Ben’s Chili Bowl. The restaurant has been visited by many familiar and big names such as: Bill Cosbybill (I’m not too sure if that’s a good thing nowadays…), Bono, the leadsinger of U2, Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife and many others.
The menu is very simple, but very delicious. When visiting Ben’s Chili Bowl, you should definitely try out the ‘Original Chili Half Smoke’, which is half smoked beef and half smoked pork on a bun with mustard, onions and Ben’s Chili sauce!

Prices are starting at $4, which is not too bad at all.


2. The exorcist stepts

The exorcist steps

The exorcist steps

Yep, you probably did not know that the famous excorcist movie was actually one of the few movies which was actually really shot in Washington. The final scene when the Father Karras is being killed, was actually shot right in Georgetown. Funny fact about this, is that the stuntman had to do the stunt twice. and as smart as the Georgetown students were at that time (1973), they charged every person $5 to enter their rooftops in order to have a good sight on the stunt. Not a bad idea at all.

3. The Washington Hotel / The ‘W’ Hotel

The 'W' Hotel

The ‘W’ Hotel

The ‘W’ hotel might be one of the best places in Washington. Located just next to the White House on 15th Street, it is very centre located to all the sight-seeing parts.

I would strongly recommend to go here someday at both day and night time. The view is very nice, with views of the White House, Lincoln memorial, Jefferson memorial, the Potomac River and the Washington monument. The prices might be a little more expensive than other restuarants, but a Corona for $7 is still affordable. Burgers and sandwiches are being served for $20-$25. It is not required to eat, so just a drink will do as well! At night time, when the sky turned black, the view is astonishing with all the lights and sceneries.

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Elisa’s Sweet 22nd Birthday!

Hi all,

Unfortunately my parents have left the USA again. We had a great weekend together, and I think we have seen all of Washington within a couple of days, they must be tired now of all this walking. At least they made it back home safe, and perfectly on time.

The next part of this blog will be dedicated to our princess, queen, model and last but not our dear friend Elisa. The 19th of October we had to the privilege to celebrate her 22nd birthday here in the USA. Although we started celebrating on Thursday evening already, this was the one and only big day. After a tiring day of class, we went out for dinner to Matchbox on 14th street. In the afternoon I already made a call to the restaurant in order to reserve a table, and warn them we would not be clothed as any other person over there, as Elisa wanted to have a theme. By explicitly repeating it was a birthday, and asking them if they were able to arrange something, I have to give all my credits to Matchbox for arranging a great birthday surprise. A dessert with a burning flashing candle, and a nice birthday cocktail/shot.

As I told you as well, the idea was that everyone was supposed to be dressed up. Unfortunately not everyone had bought there Halloween outfit yet, so it turned out to be that Mike was wearing his Netherlands shirt, some kind of a fancy Hooligan, Sami opened almost all of his buttons of his shirt, used all my wax in order to look like some kind of Italian mafia, Elisa had her Alice in Wonderland outfit, and me, well, some kind of Disco Hustler outfit…



After a great dinner, we decided to head down for one drink. Yep, ‘ one drink’  in European terms… We went to a bar called Marvin’s which has parties on Monday’s. Arriving into the club, people immediately got loud about our outfits, quite an amusing night. At the time of 1:30pm it was time to go home, and finish the birthday, as the next day was a normal school day again. Overall, we had great fun, and I think Elisa did enjoy as much as we did!



Marvins 2

The hustler and his Alice in Wonderland


The hustler and the slick French/Italian mafia.

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Mommy and Daddy are over!!!

Yes yes yes! My mom and dad came over to Washington to visit me! Best parents ever, I was waiting for this too long!

Isn’t it the best feeling ever, too know your parents are coming all the way from the Netherlands, just to visit you and tell you they are very proud? I could not wish for any better parents honestly.

The planning:

My parents arrived on Thursday afternoon. So after school finished at 15:30, I rushed myself to their hotel to finally meet them again! After just sitting down for a minute we decided to go to the Capitol, White house and the Washington monument, just the major attractions on the first day! Unfortunately dad was suffering from an earlier food poisoning, which resulted in no dinner for him, even though he did attend me and my mom. Rough dad, suffering but going strong!

Friday was a day of big walking, although dad was still suffering quite a lot from his food poisoning. After quickly running into the pharmacy to get some medicines, we started walking along U-street, 14th street, P street, Dupont Circle and finally into Georgetown. We walked all the way to the back to first check out Georgetown University, which is a beautiful one in my opinion. After seeing around, we went into Georgetown itself, sightseeing, shopping a bit, obviously had to go to Baked and Wired for the best cupcakes of Washington in my opinion!
We walked all the way back to the White house again, and hang around downtown. After dinner it was time to call it the day. Myself went to Georgetown at night was well to meet one of my friends Brian, who actually forces me to speak Dutch all the time so he can improve his. Quite a long, rough and mental night.

Saturday, waking up on time with some difficulties, it was time to do some sightseeing as well, in regards to museums and memorials. We have been to the Washington monument, Jefferson memorial, World War II memorial, Lincoln memorial, Vietnam memorial and the Korean war memorial. At the Korean war memorial there were actually some old military people who served in the war there. They were being thanked for their service by literally everyone from any age, race, ethnicity or whatsoever, a vey special thing for me and my parents to see. After all the memorials, I decided to bring my parents to the ‘ W Hotel’ , or the Washington Hotel. Great view on the Rooftop over Washington, the White House, the Potomac river and all other monuments! Definitely worth a visit one day!

In the evening it was time to celebrate Elisa’s birthday, which will be today actually, the 19th of October, so my best wishes to you Elisa! Happy Birthday! There was some pre-drinking first, and afterwards we all went to club policy, I guess we were with 15 people or so. Guys in suits, girls in dresses, classy! After clubbing, our friend Kelechi threw an after party, but at 5 am I decided it was better to go home as I promised my parents to meet them on Sunday at 1130.

So yep, Sunday morning. Probably even more harsh then Saturday. Damn, what a party. Elisa and Mike joined me and my parents to Arlington Cemetery and the Pentagon. We have walked quite a lot again today. Arlington is very impressive. All these graves, the Pan Am flight which went into the Pentagon, the grave of John F. Kennedy, the Tomb of the Unknown soldier. Very impressive day. After visiting the Pentagon, we decided to go back, and head down to Stoney’s, a bar at P street. Great bar, good beers, perfect burgers and a nice setting! Yep, again, please go there, because I am not too sure you can find any place with better  burgers than Stoney’s.
After Stoney’s Mike and Elisa went home, and I showed my parents around the campus. The main buildings, the football stadium, the basketball stadium and all the other facilities. After these great days, it was time to say goodbye again.
It is funny that when you are not with your parents, but do stay in touch, you miss them, but not terribly. After saying good bye to them, knowing I won’t see them in 2 months again, I actually realized I already miss them now.

Mom, Dad, thank you so much for coming over and giving me the best weekend ever. You are the best! Love you!







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Washington and its museums

Hi everyone!

Due to a nice visit of my parents, I will be uploading 2 posts today.

The first post will be about a cultural and historical tour which we did with Sami, Elisa, Mike and me on Saturday the 10th of October.

We decided to go out on Saturday morning instead of laying in bed, stay at home or be unproductive. It was a good day to explore Washington a little more now! We left at 12:00 towards some of Washington’s well-known museums. The national museum of natural history, National museum of American history and the Air and Space museum.

It might sound strange to some people that these young kiddos spend their free Saturday, a weekend day, at museums. I can tell you, it was a great day! I really loved it. Especially the American history museum was very interesting, we did spend nearly 3 hours here as well. The World Wars, Vietnam, Korean and Iraq, the history of the presidents and the civil war. I have learned a lot, and in my opinion I do understand more and more about the American culture now as well.

I could definitely recommend anyone to visit Washington some day. Even when you are heading down to New York, Washington is 4 hours away by bus, which will cost you 20-30 dollars. The city is so beautiful, peaceful and relaxed in comparison to New York, and Washington will provide you with the real American feeling! Hotels will be slightly cheaper than New York as well, websites such as http://www.wanderu.com and http://www.airbnb.com can help you find cheap transport and overnight stays.

We ended our day in Georgetown, as this is such a nice, scenic and lovely area. In Georgetown you don not feel like being in the capital of the USA anymore, even though you are. Of course we finished our evening with dinner in Georgetown at a great thai/sushi restaurant: I-Thai. Definitely a great recommendation i can give you. Affordable, nice setting, great found and good service!

And of course to not forget about to real student life, we ended up going out again at night… Might be too obvious as I have not spend any Friday or Saturday in yet.




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Howard University – Lectures, homework and systems

Hi friends!

So this post will be dedicated to school. Can you imagine, after all the previous posts, Jordy is finally getting more serious now? Well, I have been working hard on the studies before as well, but I have not highlighted it as much as the rest. Obviously.

Before going more in depth, I will first quickly explain the system here. If you score a grade as in 100, it is an A+, 90-99.9 is an A, 80-89.9 is a B, 70-79.9 is a C, 60-69.9 is a D and <60 is an F.

The courses I am currently taking at Howard University, School of Business (SOB) are:

– Decision Making Management
– Entrepreneurship
– International Business ( Major )
– International Human Resource Management
– Social and Internet Marketing (this blog/website)

School of Business

School of Business

International Business is my major over here, which is the main course you are following.

The first two weeks in school were pretty easy and okay. Not too much homework, teachers were pretty relaxed and the spare time besides school was still there.
After these two weeks I was able to recognize and conclude the significant differences between Dutch/European lectures and the American ones. Whereas in the Netherlands the teacher just tells and explains you all the theory during class, in the United States you will have to read given articles, read the full chapter, and watch videos before coming to class. Instead of the teacher start to explain further on, students are likely to have discussions with one another, and the teacher, in order to get more in depth thinking about the subject.

In the Netherlands the amount of work is very limited, besides a lot of group work and projects, there is not too much to do. Here the teachers expect students to be well prepared for class, as in every class 25% of your final grade is Presence and Participation. The other 75% is divided into Mid-Terms, a group project, cases and presentations and final exams. This differs per course though.

In addition to the different types of education, I would like to jump into the lecturers/teachers as well. Some funny facts: Teachers with an MBA or Masters are called professors, which gives them the ability to show up late up to 15 min. Teachers with an PhD actually have the right to show up late up to 20 min. Never heard about this in the Netherlands. Having said that, it is very nice to know that all teachers are very well educated with many experiences in business life as well. A good example is my teacher in Entrepreneurship. Finished multiple MBA’s and Masters both in Nigeria and the United States, and owns over 5 different kind of companies now (Medical lab, Medical treatment, Supermarket and Research and development centers). Well, if someone has to teach me something about starting an own Enterprise, I think this Professor definitely is adding value to it.

Another funny fact about studying over here is:
The first couple of days it was quite strange/awkward to walk around at school, as you are still a White person in an HBCU. Now, almost 2 months later I think everyone has seen me, I have made multiple new friends, and everyone says Hi to each other in the hall way. I can definitely conclude that students and teachers are much nice among each other then back home. Yeah, I actually do really like it here. Feels like a ‘new home’.

To make a small jump back to the grading systems, I will reveal my first grades. Just because I am kind of proud of them, and I will promise, I am not hiding one of them:

International Business: 95 (A)
Entrepreneurship:          83 (B)
Int. HRM                          90 (A)
Social & Internet Mkt.   80 (B)
Social & Internet Mkt    90 (A)
Decision Making Mgt    89 (B)

Again, I do not want to brag or something, but there is nothing bad with being proud of yourself when you work hard for it right?

So far so good. Upcoming week will be a very busy one with lots of exams, cases, write-ups and presentations. Good think about this week is that mommy and daddy are about to come. They are actually on their way to New York now, and will spend their days there till Thursday. Thursday noon time they will travel to Washington to visit me! Work hard in the beginning, in order to have a great weekend with my parents here!

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‘Howard University Homecoming’: Party all over the place!

Here we are again, with a real ‘party-post’!

Last weekend we had the possibility to experience homecoming. Homecoming is a typical American University party. Alumni-students are returning to the University for just one thing: Party!!!

Homecoming started for me and Sami on Thursday night, the first of October. We promised ourselves the same day in the morning to take it easy, as we have been parting quite a lot last couple of weeks. Well, the same day, around 20:00, we had this feeling of going out, I mean, it’s Thursday and we don’t have classes on Friday’s. Okay, we go out for one beer and take it easy right? Right… 3:30 Am we made it home again after getting a slice of Pizza at our favorite pizza place (the owner, Angelina sees Me and Sami as her sons, and always tells us to have fun, but be careful. Yep, she does introduce us to girls as her son. Great woman). I mean, we had fun…:



Friday morning, great evening out again. Time for some rest and recovering, as their will be another party tonight! Of course during the day I have been quite productive as well. As mommy always told me in a Dutch saying: ‘In the evening a man, in the morning a man’. Basically means that when you go out and stay up late, you got to wake up early without complaining. Today it was time to work ahead a bit on my homework, do some laundry, clean the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom and cook some dinner.

After all these things it was time to get prepared again. Having some pre-drinks before, and let’s go again! This time it was time to head out with Elisa as well, and we ended up in a place called ‘The velvet lounge’. My music, deep house and house. Lovely! Around 1-ish, Elisa decided to go home, and be ready and fit for tomorrow (Saturday). Surprise, surprise, me and Sami just started and went on to Club Flash. Again, we stayed out partying till 3 Am (closing times of all bars in DC), and headed down to our Step-mom Angelina. She was very happy to see us again.

Homecoming (1)

Homecoming (4)

Homecoming (2)

Homecoming (3)

Saturday, the big day! The major day of Homecoming! #HU16 #homecoming #letsgoparty and you name all the hashtags. Waking up after a rough night again, getting a shower, get dressed and head out to the Tailgate. As previously explained, the tailgate is basically people coming with their cars and trucks to a big parking lot in order to set up BBQ’s and sneak out some beers etc. As this tailgate was organized by Howard University itself, the Howard Police (yes we have our own police) was their as well, which made people not to sell beers from their trucks. What happens, everyone just went to McDonalds, bought a coke, and filled it up with some booze. As soon as finished, they went back home and filled it up again. The police was not bothered at all, they knew exactly what was going on.

After spending quite some time at the tailgate, me and Sami decided to go home, get another shower, a couple of more appetizers for the night, and head out. Luckily Mike and some other friends came with us as well, which made it an even better night. The more the better. Let’s keep it short, and say it was a great night full of wonderful surprises. At least Sami enjoyed his homecoming night out with us for maybe 15 min, after he was gone to another bar, the group left as well to another bar or home around 1, which made me being alone in my and Sami’s favorite bar: The Brixton. Of course I enjoyed myself till 3 am again, talking with strangers and dancing around. When I came home, some girls invited me to the 5th floor, as there was party going on in the laundry room. Well, let me check that one out. Great fun, but I mean, I think 5 Am is good after 3 nights partying.

For the ones who want to know how Sunday was:

Sleeping, waking up to get water, get called by Sami to go to Stoney’s (burger bar) to watch soccer (Super Sunday). We arrived their, left after the burger, went home to watch soccer as they were only streaming American Football, same streamed PSG-Olympique Marseille ( he is from Marseille), and after 3 minutes and 23 seconds I fell asleep again. Lovely productive Sunday.

Next Sunday I will post more University related items, in order to keep mom and dad satisfied. This will be reflected in next post in regards to my so far scored grades though!

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Washington Nationals and Washington Nature!

Welcome back!

In addition to my previous blog-post, The United States and its sports., there is a new event to add and stripe of my bucket-list: Visiting an American Baseball match! The Washington Nationals.

Just before entering the stadium, I bought a Washinton Nationals Snap-back hat, which was only $20, whereas inside in the fan-shop, the same Snap-back was $45. I am not telling you that I believe the one I bought is completely legal, but hey, as everyone thinks about Dutch people: greedy bastards.. Well, I think its just a better deal.

The Entrance

The Entrance

After entering this massive stadium (41.418 seats), we decided to walk around a bit and seek for our seats. We had our seats in the 107 section, which was very close to the pitch, with a good sight on the game.

Washington Nature and Nationals

Some American Baseball food

Some American Baseball food

There we go, first Home-run! Let’s go Nationals! The atmosphere was great during the game, and we had an awesome time, even though the match lasted for over 3 hours.



Unfortunately the Washington Nationals started to perform much worse as in the beginning, which led to a defeat. Honestly said as well, the Miami Marlins did play the game a lot better as well.

As some of you might now, besides being a part-time party animal, and a full-time student of course, I love to spend time in the wide-open world, the nature. Fresh air, green views, trails and the feeling of peace.

I decided to go to the Washington Arboretum with a friend from Greece. Lovely weather, beautiful park and some sushi. We set down at a picnic table, chatted all the time and ate our sushi. After the lunch we decided to explore the park a bit. Inside the park you can find the National Capitol Columns, from the east side of the Capitol portico. These columns were removed from the Capitol in 1958, when they found out they did not support well enough. In order to keep the history, they were placed in the Arboretum Park.

In below picture you can see the columns in the far distance on your left.

Washinton Nationals and Nature (3)

Within the park there was a small Asian botanic garden as well. Beautiful trees, buildings, plants and herbs. Amazing!

Washinton Nationals and Nature (4)

In order to continue the nice day out, we decided to head  down back to Washington, to the water side, the Potomac river. What a beautiful part of Washington this is, a great view over the city when standing in front of Jefferson Memorial. A funny fact as well is that the Jefferson Memorial is build with purpose here, as Jefferson loved the view so much, he wanted to get it here so he would always have the clear view from his bedroom. In 1939 the Memorial was build, and all trees were cut in between to have a straight and clear view. The construction started in 1939 and only finished in 1943.

Washinton Nationals and Nature (8)

Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

After a long day it was time to go home and get some rest. An incredible good day, which gives me such a good mood! I love exploring new things!

Below you can find a picture of Washington made by me, from the Point Of View from the staircase of the Jefferson Memorial. Definitely one of my favorite pictures I have made here. Beautiful sky and color contrast, with a great view.

The Potomac river and the Washington monument

The Potomac river and the Washington monument

I almost caught up on the dates, so soon enough I will be posting all the day to day activities!

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The United States and its sports.

So here we are again. September 12th already, time flies when you are having fun.

Next chapter in this great adventure is up: American Football.

Saturday the 12th of December, Mike, Elisa and me have bought tickets for the college football game of Maryland University: The Terrapins.

After quite a long night of partying with Sami (French exchange student, you will hear a lot more about Sami’s and my nights out). We had to wake up at 08:30 in the morning, well, honestly I could have thought of a better time to wake up.
Heading down to the I-lab of school to print our tickets, get ourselves a proper breakfast, and request the Uber. I have to admit, this Uber-driver was awesome. Middle-aged, could see in my eyes that I had a long but great night and started to talk about himself. Lived in Dubai for 7 years, made some great cash, and headed back to the USA, became a Uber driver in Washington and Maryland to know all the streets, and was about to run a new company here again. Not sure if it was entirely true, but anyways, it seemed like an honest and nice guy.
After dropping us at the football stadium, The Byrd Stadium of Maryland Terrapins, we started walking around the stadium, in the pouring rain.

In order to wake up about, I got a pleasant surprise. Will not talk to much about it, the people who know me, will know with below picture why I felt much better again…

The United States and its sports 1

The United States and its sports 1

At least that’s a good start of the day right?

Obviously, for all my other followers, I have to admit this was just a small part of the parade. Too bad the website wouldn’t allow me to upload it, but I will definitely put it on the Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/jordygoesusa

Next event around the stadium was the ‘Tailgate’. A tailgate basically means, people come by car to the stadium, open up their trunks, trucks or whatsoever, set up a BBQ and start BBQing with some beers as well. No mom, dad, I wasn’t drinking beers at 10:30 AM this time, I promise. I had enough of the day before…

Moving on to the main entrance, we heard some louder music. Well, as crazy Elisa and I are, we started to dance on the streets, probably the only ones out of 26.000 people. Anyway, we just love to make fun. For your idea again, picture is below 🙂

The United States and its sports 2

The United States and its sports 2

Finally, entering the stadium. Massive, absolutely massive! So this Football stadium, which is just for the university, has a capacity of 56.000 people? Americans and their over-sizing…….

The United States and its sports

The United States and its sports

After the first 3 quarters, Maryland was still up front against Bowling Green Falcons, Ohio state. Then the bad weather struck down. The stadium had to be evacuated because of serious lighting and thunder coming up. As soon as we were outside, we started to talk to a guy who was very much interested in us as exchange students. We got invited to his private tailgate with some beers, small bottles of vodka and some cookies. We met his friends, and there was an immediate click. Great people! After an hour break, we were allowed back into the stadium, so we decided to join our new friends.

I do not think the break worked out very well for the Terrapins, as they got demolished in the last quarter, which resulted in a defeat: 27-48. One little positive point, your cheerleaders Terrapins (150+/-) were much better than those cheerleaders of the Bowling Green Falcons (10 to be exact).

The United States and its Sports 3

The United States and its Sports 3

After the match we got invited to come down to these new friends for a BBQ and some drinks, but unfortunately it was to far away, and to difficult to travel there. We did exchange phone numbers with Larry, who is actually the owner of D.C. Night tours. We will be coming back to this in a couple of posts :). Little hint. Operator of a bus tour –> Making friends –> Dutch and students –> Little to no money. We are getting their 😉

After the trip home with Uber again, with a significantly less happy driver, we dropped our selves at U Street again to eat at Sala Thai (which is Mike’s favorite place to bring in his dates, the old playboy). After having some food and going home, it was really time to head down home and go for a little nap, so tired.

Luckily I have this amazing French friend, Sami, who decided to wake me up after 50 minutes. Of course, it’s bloody Saturday evening, get your shower, get dressed and let’s go. Well, okay!

We went to our favorite bar: The Brixton. I can tell you, before the end of December, this bar will rename into: Jordy and Sami’s European Bar. We have established quite a name their, positively of course!

Next step in the weekends is the pizza place next door, owned by 2 Greeks. Lovely, but I mean really really lovely persons! After our slice of Pizza, it was time to go home. I mean, everything closes at 03:00 Am here, not a single minute later. Welcome to the capitol of the United States. Anyway, I guess 06:15 is quite a descent time for European standards to head home.

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The Big Apple!

Dear all, welcome back!

As you might have seen, today’s post is all about The Big Apple, NYC or better known as New York City.

Elisa and I decided to take this wonderful trip to New York City. Our bus left from China Town Washington at 02:30 and brought us into China Town New York at 08:00.

We arrived in New York City at 08:00. I did make a planning the days before already, so I was able to show Elisa as many spots as possible in 1 day, as our bus was leaving back to Washington at 22:30 again. So, what can you do in 14.5 hours? Well, quite a lot, I can tell you that.

Our route which we took was as followed:

Starting in Chinatown NYC, Brooklyn Bridge in, Freedom Tower, 9/11 memorial, Wall Street, Wall Street Bull, Tribeca, Soho, Greenwhich, Greenwhich Highline, Chelsea, Chelsea market, Broadway, Macy’s. Yep, Macy’s, our first break was here, as I was going with Elisa. Girls, shopping…
Lets continue: Flat Iron Building, Madison Square Garden, Empire State building,bacl to 24th Street to meet some of Elisa’s modelling friends. Guess what, this was not the worst reason for me to settle down for a milkshake with Elisa (model as well) and 2 other models. We had some proper American Hot-dogs at a place called Big Dandy’s, back to the Empire State Building, this time we went up! Views from all perspectives, Manhattan on the down town side, Central Park at the other side. New Jersey and the Hudson river at the west side and on the east side we had Brooklyn and the Bronx. We did spend at least an hour on top of the Empire State, this clear view of New York is just amazing, I would be able to spend days on top there. After going down, the journey continued as well: Grand Central station, Times Square, Central Park (Home Alone movie, seen the famous bridge with the ‘Pigeon Woman’), Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Times Square again. After this, we ran out of time, so we had to take a cab back to China Town again, in order to catch the bus.

In total, we have walked over 20 km / 12.5 miles this day, so as you might think, we were pretty exhausted. We came home at 03:30 in the morning. Honestly, I think I already fell asleep before even touching my bed… At least we did most of the things we wanted, and we absolutely did not regret our decision going there this early.

New York City, I freaking love you, I will be back one day again before leaving Washington. Might have to try out the NYC Night life as well, as every bar here closes at 03:00.
Oops, I started talking about going out and bars now… Well, mom, dad, family, friends and followers do not worry. You will get the stories in my next post about hitting some bars. I mean, Jordy would not be Jordy without going out every now and then…!

Please find the pictures below!

Pictures will be posted soon on the Facebook page as well: http://www.facebook.com/jordygoesusa
In order to see the most recent pictures, please check out my Instagram: jorsonvde

NYC - Manhattan

NYC – Manhattan

NYC - The Highline

NYC – The Highline

NYC - Times Square

NYC – Times Square

NYC - Wall Street Bull

NYC – Wall Street Bull

NYC- Central Park

NYC- Central Park

NYC- Freedom Tower

NYC- Freedom Tower

NYC- Wall Street Coffee

NYC- Wall Street Coffee

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Georgetown and the hidden treasures..!

Here we are again, ready for a new little update of Jordy in ‘Uncle Sam’s’ capitol and pride, Washington D.C.

For many of you, Georgetown is just a suburb of Washington, but let me teach you some history as well. Georgetown was actually founded 40 years before Washington itself, in 1751. In 1871 Georgetown became an official suburb of Washington D.C. For the older generation of my followers, John F. Kennedy actually lived in Georgetown in the 1960 when he got inaugurated.
Anyway, as the majority of my followers might now, history is not my favorite part of life, so lets get along through this tiring but lovely day!

Sunday 17th of August, 2015, 08:45, 08:46, 08:47, 08:48, 08:49 and 08:50, the alarm clocks of this morning, just to make sure… After waking up, having a shower it was time to head out again with Mike and Elisa. 09:30 and already bloody 33 Celsius / 91 Fahrenheit outside (temperatures this day went up to an astonishing 38 Celsius / 100 Fahrenheit). Despite the extreme temperatures we decided to walk, at least it was healthy and we had the possibility to stop whenever and wherever we wanted. Taking Florida Avenue up to 14th street was the first part, walking down a bit towards P street in order to go all the way street right into Georgetown. First stop was at 14th already as we were dehydrated already. With our coffee to-go we headed down to P street were we crossed the Scientology church. Besides the fact that we were really interested in this strange kind of religion and church, it was a nice side excuse to head inside and cool down a bit. After an offer of watching a movie about the Scientology religion we decided to take it, and settle down a bit. A home theater inside the church of Scientology, and the doors were closed, the lights dimmed, I can tell you, I felt safer in my life before… After the movie we decided to carry on, and head down to Georgetown.

After a couple of kilometers we made it into Georgetown. As Mike and Elisa relied on my navigation skills, I took them to Georgetown University.





As you can see below picture, which was made by myself not Google!, Georgetown looks like Hogwarts from Harry Potter, or for my Dutch friends, Zweinstein!



I have to say, Georgetown University is an incredibly beautiful and old fashioned University. It is completely what you think of, when thinking about an American University.

After the University we decided to look for M Street, as everyone told us this is ‘the’ street of Georgetown. Arriving here, we found all shops, restaurants, cupcake shops and many more. One of the locals told us to definitely go to Baked and Wired, which we did. I have to admit, I have never had such an amazing cupcake in my life before, just wow!



After this cupcake, which needed a doggy bag due to the size and calories, we decided to shop a bit. I found a nice red ‘longshirt’ which is impossible to find back home, so I couldn’t have been more happy. After Elisa buying some heels (women and heels…) Mike buying some shirts and trousers, it was time to go for some dinner. Eventually during the day we covered more than 10k (6.5 miles).  Mike was so exhausted, as well as Elisa that we decided to take a cab home.

Normally you would say that after this long day, you would head down home, and get rested. Well, probably my friends and family pretty much know I am not really like that. So, I found myself a Sunday night at the yard of our University, Howard. I got Elisa excited enough to join me, whereas Mike was to tired to join.

Arriving at the party, we know found out what HBCU stood for. Historically Black College University. Believe it or not, but in these thousands of people, Elisa and I where the only ‘whites’. And guess what, we didn’t give a damn, it’s party time! People immediately like our attitude and came over for a quick chitchat! I can get used to these surroundings, people are nice, music is good, and guess what, being a minority of ‘White male’ has its advantages as well if we are talking about ‘Black girls’. Anyway, this was the first and last time I will be talking about White and Black, everyone is the same. I can feel home here, this feels good. I dedicate my next post to the cultural differences, some background info about HBCU’s and its historical know-how.

Thanks again, and cheers to you all!

Yard Party

Yard Party

Yard Party

Yard Party



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The Touristic Part

Welcome back to my new post.

As promised, there would be an update on previous post.

After a long night of sleep, fighting the jet lag and a good cold shower in the morning, it was time to start exploring Washington. Just for everyone´s idea, we are located at a street called 2251 Sherman Avenue NW. We started off early in the morning to head down to 14th street. Boosting our energy level a bit with some iced coffee. In the meantime the temperatures have risen to 37 degrees / 99 degrees. Seems to be that every step is an impossible one…

Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee

After a good cooling down it was time to head down to the White House. Even though the temperatures were extremely high, we forced ourselves to keep on walking, and especially, keep on drinking. Finally! We made it. There it is, the White House, the nice and little cottage of Mr. Barack Obama. As promised to Mike and Elisa, I would set up a lunch with Mr. Obama, unfortunately he cancelled last minute, had some other things to in regards to politics…
Anyway, we made it, time to be a real tourist. Asking people to make pictures of us, making pictures ourselves, a selfie here and their, and of course the needed pushing and pulling of people in order to make the best possible picture. Okay, time to get out of here, it is getting to busy and warm. Walking around the White House towards the Washington Monument, we saw this small souvenir cart selling T-shirts and key-hangers. Well, okay, we are here now anyway, we should buy at least a T-shirt and a key-hanger for our new keys here right? Exactly, we did.
After buying our souvenirs, we just hang out in the backyard of Mr Obama. Got ourselves the first American Hotdog and had a nice and comfy seat in the grass to gain some energy again.

White House and Washington Monument

White House and Washington Monument

After such a long trip, we definitely needed some food. This was the first time we came across the U-Street area. I will come back to U-street and it’s stories later in my blogs. Don’t worry mom, dad, only fun things happen here :).

We found a nice restaurant called Sala Thai ( as well, this restaurant has background story in our adventures here as well). We settled down, got some soda and a huge meal to treat ourselves. After dinner it was time to go home, the final couple of 100 yards. As soon as getting home it was the same for both Mike, Elisa and me: quick cold shower, a dive onto the bed and rest/sleep.

The White House

The White House

Many thanks again, and I will get you updated before Wednesday again!

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The big arrival

Welcome all to my first post here in Washington D.C., The United States of America.

After all these long months waiting in the Netherlands, this was finally the big day. 14-08-2015, or for my American followers: 08-14-2015. Elisa and I met each other in Schiphol Airport, the Netherlands at this wonderful time of 06:00AM.

Elisa her boyfriend and sister were there, as well as my mom and dad were there to wish us a last good luck and safe journey. After facing some problems with checking in my hand luggage (the bag was literally 2.5cm/1inch too big), we were finally ready to go. After quite a long and exhausting flight (couldn’t sleep), we finally arrived to Newark, USA. As you might have seen we left the Netherlands with approx. 12 degrees Celsius/53 Fahrenheit, so when we arrived in Newark, the temperature had risen to 34 degrees Celsius/94 Fahrenheit… At least it saved some space in our suitcases.

Departuring the Netherlands

Departuring the Netherlands

After a nice and short flight from Newark we finally arrived to Washington Dulles Airport. As soon as we got off the plane we found a nice and cheap airport shuttle which brought us to Sherman Avenue NW, Washington D.C. As soon as we started driving I felt like reading my newly bought travel guide from Washington. After checking my bag for 14 times I realized it would possibly still be on the plane. So there might be a lucky person with a beautiful travel guide about Washington now..

After an hour drive we finally arrived at Sherman Avenua NW. First thing we saw was: Howard Service Center. Yes! This is it! We finally made it! After talking to the security over there we unfortunately found out we had to cross the road again and head down to ‘The Towers’. There they are, the Towers West and East. After making some pictures in front of the building we decided to check-in. This ‘only’ took us 4 hours… Keys were handed to us, Elisa in room 410, me in 404, both on fourth floor. There it is, the big moment. Opening my door, and what do I see!: Correct, nothing except for a bed, desk and a chair. There was not even a light in the room! Luckily we both ordered online our bed-linen. At this point it was already 09:00 PM. Not so much later I heard the lock of my apartment during scratching, the door went open and…..: It was Mike, the other Dutch person from my Hometown University! After this long and tiring travel day we all decided to take our rest, set up the beds, and leave the unpacking till tomorrow.

Next post is coming soon, some great experiences at the University, a small visit to Mr. Barack Obama and many more!

Arrival at our Campus Dorm-room

Arrival at our Campus Dorm-room

Safely arrived at Dulles Airport!

Safely arrived at Dulles Airport!

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American sports #3 : Ice Hockey!

Hi Guys, welcome back again!

Today’s post will be about another American Sports we attended: Ice Hockey! Next Tuesday we will go to the last sport to see: Basketball, more about that later!

Thursday 19th of November we went to the Verizon Center in Washington to see the Washington Capitals playing the Dallas Stars. It was about to be time that finally a team started winning when we were there. American football, a loss. Baseball, a loss. Now Ice Hockey, guess what, a loss as well.Unfortunately the Washington Caps lost with 2-3 at home against the Dallas Stars, so lets hope the Washington Wizards will do better next Tuesday in the NBA…

Before heading to the game, we had some Thai food near the Verizon Center.After a quick, but very good bite, we went into the Stadium. Mike bought a T-shirt, and Elisa bought me a beer, how nice. Ridiculous price by the way, 11,50 dollars for 740ml! Anyway, thanks Elisa!

The game was very cool to see, guys hitting each other up the walls, very energetic and even though Washington lost, we still saw 5 goals. Unfortunately there was not a big fight as you would see on TV, but all with all a great experience!


The beginning


The Verizon Center.



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Howard University and its housing…

Dear all,

Let me first put things straight, Howard University has given me a great experience, and I truly like it over here. The program is great, the teachers are very skilled, the students are very social and nice, and overall, the experience is just tremendous!


When it comes to the housing part, I do have to share some things here, to show you my dissatisfaction. Just so people know, the prices of a dorm in Washington DC are not cheap at all, and this does not make a difference for living on campus. Lets say that you will not find a place under $900 a month here in DC, so you can already assume that prices are not really comparable to lets say The Netherlands. ( I preferably do not want to share the price of my room, but it is way to much for the quality provided).

So lets start with summing up the issues faced here since the last 3 months:

– We did not have warm water for the first 7(!!!) weeks in the shower.
– Our toilet has been clogged 13(!!) times now since we are here.

 – The WiFi is not/barely working, which forces us to do our homework in the I-lab or at the library.
– During the beginning of October, we did not have water at all for 3 days (no shower, toilet, kitchen water, anything).

 –  The ventilator above the stove is not working properly, which causes to ring the fire alarm very often during cooking.

 – My walk-in closet doors were broken when entering, after 5 messages/complaints/work orders, this still has not been fixed (I’m not reliable for this).
– The toilet has been spilled over for 4 times already, and 1 time it took maintenance 3 days to come over ( it was not an emergency that our bathroom floor was all full of water…)

– My room was facing a massive leak last week. They were not able to fix it immediately, and I had to stay another night in this room. Mold was created on the floor, and the leak expanded to the corridor and further into my room.
– Finally after complaining many times I was not going to sleep another night in that room due to Health issues (mold everywhere), they suddenly found a new apartment in the same building. I guess if you start talking about taking these issues to DC Health and Services and DC Government, things can be arranged..?

– After unpacking all my stuff into my new room, and relaxing a bit, there was someone bonking on my door. After opening, there was this terribly drunk guy just literally falling into my corridor, I pushed him out, locked my door again and stayed inside. 3 minutes later, people started to bonk more and yelled: It’s the RA’s (Residential Assistants)!! Someone just peed to your door and run away. Well, isn’t that brilliant, now I just thought my problems were over? Luckily the campus police caught the guy outside, handcuffed him and took care of it. The main question is, how did this guy got in, while there is security, and doors can only be opened with your ID card? Probably the security was to busy with their Iphones, Ipads and tablets again. Well, lets wait with drawing conclusions until this will be further investigated.

Again, Howard is great University, and I would recommend it to anyone in the world, but these issues needs to be taken care of more. This is about the students health, but eventually their lives. This guy just peed on my door, but it could have been easily someone with worse intentions.

Please find below all the pictures related to this matter.


The bathroom wall opened


The dirt they forgot to clean after opening the wall….


Close up of all the dirt…


Soaking wet floor…


Some sheets to ‘cover’ the leak. After just a few hours, all these white spots (the mold) were created. 


The person who sneaked into the West Towers, tried to get into my room, and peed all over my door. Luckily got caught. Bastard….


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